Minor Surgery

The Clinical Officer can carry out minor surgery including trauma injuries, circumcisions, lacerations, hernia operations and abscesses.

Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC)
Clients make their own decision to be circumcised and this is carried out on both young and adult males.
While the benefits of male circumcision may be wide ranging below is a list of some of the benefits of VMMC
• Reduce urinary track infections in childhood.
• Reduce the risk of HIV and STIs in adulthood.
• Reduce risk of cervical cancer in female.
Complications are rare because circumcision is done by well trained adequately equipped Health Care personnel.

The C.O performing a VMMC in the minor theatre.

History of VMMC
Numerous regional and global studies since the 1980s have listed a lower risk of HIV prevalence in population where male circumcision is common. Randomly in South Africa, trials demonstrated that male circumcision reduces the risk of acquiring HIV infection by 60%. This result was later confirmed by two other randomised trials in Kenya and Uganda which both showed over 50% reductions in HIV incidence among those who were circumcised.

Clients Counseled and Circumcised betwenn Jan-Dec 2009

Age Group
Client Receiving Services

Currently more than 700 patients have now been circumcised.