We offer mother and child health services including ante-natal and post-natal care. Mothers are encouraged to deliver at the hospital as this is safer but this is not often possible due to the long distances they have to walk. In line with Government policy the Acorn Community Hospital reduced the cost of hospital stay and delivery and as a result has seen an increase in the number of mothers delivering at the hospital. This has also been encouraged by the giving of hand knitted or crocheted baby garments and blankets.

Case History of a 14 year old girl who was in labour.
A 14 year old girl who was in labour and was being managed at home by traditional birth attendants had been given a herbal drug to speed up the labour but unfortunately it can cause many complications as it did with this girl. When she became unconscious at home, the family brought her to ACH using a wheel barrow as transport. The baby unfortunately was already dead in her womb and it was necessary to arrange for the mother to be transferred to the District General Hospital at Homa Bay for an emergency caesarean section. KAP had to find a vehicle and pay for the transport and hospital costs as the family had no money. The girl was returned home after a few days. Without the help of KAP both mother and baby would have died.